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Lash Extensions Full Set

Full set of lashes! Custom sets available. Classic lashes start at $100 hybrid starts at $120 and volume starts at $140. Custom set pricing varies upon time and techniques involved.

100+120 min

UV Gel Lash Extensions

$150120 min

Lash Fill

Lash fills are required to be scheduled within three weeks of last appt! If you go longer than three weeks you will be charged for a full set at next appt. Must have at least 40% lashes to have a fill. Less than that will be a full set. Two week fills start at $50. Can increase depending on style.

50+90 min

Custom In Studio Spray Tan

Custom spray tans at the glazedsprayco studio! Several different color options for all skin tones and levels of darkness wanting to be achieved!

$4030 min

Brow Shape & Tint

Eyebrow tint and shape! Lasts 4-6 weeks

$4030 min

Custom Mobile Spray Tan

Custom spray tan in the comfort of your own home! I bring my mobile set up to you! Travel fee may be added depending on distance. If more than one girl please message me so I can block off enough time! 2512840456

Price Varies30 min

Bring A Bestie Spray Tan

Bring a friend and get each of your tans at a discount!!! In studio only!

$7030 min

Bronze Girls Club (2 Tans A Month)

Two tans a month for $30 each! $10 discount for doing a monthly plan! I’m studio only!

$7030 min

Glazed Girls Club (unlimited month)

$99 a month for unlimited spray tans! In studio only! Comes with free bottle of tan remover so you can get a fresh weekly tan

$9930 min

Small Group (3-5 ppl) In Studio

Event tanning for groups of people! Prom, bridal, homecoming, spray tan party, competition, etc! Host gets free tan with party of her plus four or more girls! (Great for a bride and her bridal party)

Price Varies75 min

Large Group (6+ ppl) In Studio

This is for half day events or if you have very large parties and need me on site for half the day!!! Groups of 8 or more! (Wedding parties, bachelorette groups, competitions, pageants, prom, etc) Host gets free tan! (Great for bride and her bridal party!)

Price Varies180 min

Mobile Group Tans

Spray tan parties! Book an in home Spray tan session! These are great for bridal parties, bachelorette, dance comps, cheer comps, pageants, girls night, Mardi grad balls, etc! Groups start with 3 girls at $55 each and discounts with the number of girls you have in your group!

165+90 min

Bridal Tan Package

Two tans for the bride! A trial tan a few weeks before the wedding and a tan for your wedding day (or one for bachelorette party and one for wedding) includes free touch up spray!

$7030 min

Part Of Package

Book here for the additional tans as part of a monthly package, bridal package or gift card!

$030 min


Microblade brows are semi permanent tattooed brows. They mimic real hair strokes and are done with a manual blade.

$400150 min

Blade And Shade (combo brow)

Combo brows are a combination of microblading and shading. Mimicking real life brows with hair strokes and more definition with shading.

$450150 min

Ombre Powder Brows

Powder or ombre brows have a more powdery effect and look like makeup instead of individual hair strokes. Done manually or with a machine. Best for clients with oily skin!

$450150 min

Six Week PMU Touch Up

This is the second appt 6 weeks after your initial brow appointment to perfect the brows anywhere that may not have healed properly or taken the pigment well.

$12590 min

Lip Blush

Lip blush is semi permanent tattoo lip color to even put the lips and make them appear more full, even and shaped

$400180 min

Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner done with pmu tattoo machine. Lasts 3-5 years. Lash line enhancement $250 eyeliner tip or bottom $300 both for $500

250+120 min

Annual PMU Touch Up

Touch up appointment 6 weeks after initial lip blush, brow, eyeliner, or other permanent makeup service

150+90 min

Bridal/Event Makeup

Full face makeup

85+70 min

Bridal/Event Makeup Trial

The trial makeup is perfect for getting the kinks out before the big day! Pick the style and colors.

$3570 min

Group Event Makeup

Full face makeup for groups. The price starts at $250 and goes up depending on the party size

250+130 min

Brow Lamination

70+40 min

Lash Lift & Brow Lamination Combo

$12045 min

Lash Lift & Tint

Lash Lift is a treatment to lift lashes , straighten them make them Appear longer, darker and fuller ! This treatment causes no damage to your natural lashes . Results last 6 weeks .

85+45 min

Permanent Jewlery

Starting Prices as follows: $35 For Ring $55 For Bracelets $65 For Anklets $90 For Necklace (size dependent ) $130 For Body Chain ( Size Dependent)

50+15 min

Brow Wax

$2010 min

Hydrojelly Brow Mask

Wanting to pamper yourself a little more after your Brow services?! Add on this Hydrojelly mask after any Brow Service, for a soothing and luxurious touch after getting your brows Done! This will benefit your skin by replenishing and soothing any redness or dryness, As well as moisturizing!🫶🏼

$2010 min

Permanent Jewelry Party!

This is for parties of 6+ or more! I can accommodate to larger parties up to 100! Please reach out when booking this service so we can discuss location & more! 251-327-2775

0+75 min

Glazed Lash Training

Two day lash training and certification with certified lash trainer Amber Champagne. Full kit and certification included

$1.2k10 min

July Lash Lift & Brow Shape & Tint

$10010 min